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Frequency counter
Direct conversion
80m_40m transceiver

SSB_CW Audio Filter

4 channels VFO

2W- FM transmitter


​40m_20m transceiver

​4 channels BPF

1 channels VFO

2 channels VFO

​1 channels BPF

​2 channels BPF

  sold out 
 sold out 
 What is a Direct conversion receiver
A direct-conversion receiver (DCR), is a radio receiver design that demodulates the incoming radio signal  by a local oscillator whose frequency is identical to, or very close to the carrier frequency of the intended signal.
3 band Direct conversion receiver kit
3dcv1 is an amateur direct conversion receiver .It covers 40m, 80m ,with provision to add additional frequency bands by mean of plug-in module for 30m and 20m
the  3DCv1 is suitable for SSB and CW.
frequency bands
40m    7.0mhz to 7.14mhz
80m    3.5mhz to 3.85mhz
20m   14.0MHz  to 14.35MHz
Plug-in module can be used to give additional band.(30m , 20m and 15m are available)
Separate FET VFO for each band
Audio 1w output (LM380)
Mixer MC1496 double balanced mixer
SSB and CW filter (3khz for SSB and 700Hz for CW)with push button switch to choose between them
 power required 12v to 14v DC.
Protection diode for wrong polarity.
green/yellow LCD display or blue  for frequency counter
reduction drive 4:1  (2 full turns for tuning knob )
RF gain control 
aluminum chassis 1.2mm
3M front panel sticker 
Price £66.99 , postage £4.30 to UK
Contents ,Receiver, frequency counter and 20m plug in 
for more details please email
RX silkscreen
RX diagram
build instruction
20m plug-in diagram
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